Oh Hey There!

let me love you

Man, I missed this. I won’t go into a big diatribe about why I stopped writing (I already wrote one and it got very sappy) but I will tell you that I’m so glad to be writing again.

Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on with us:

We bought a Kitchenaid so I’m mixing everything in sight. I used it 3 times on Sunday.

We went to Colin’s family reunion and I fell in love with everyone there.

I was the Conference Queen last month. I’m excited to spend a weekend at home in my PJ’s.

We are preparing for winter, meaning we mostly look outside with grim expressions and make noises about winter tires.

We finally started planning our wedding (that only almost took a year).

I have a bunch of awesome recipes to share. Fall/winter is truly my favourite time to cook. In the summer, it’s all I can do to even look at my stove.

So yeah. I’m back. And I brought this:

so weird!!


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