The Truth and The Ugly Truth

As of today, Colin and I have lived here for one year.

(technically I moved up here on the May long weekend but since all my shit came up with Colin I count it)

Over the last few weeks, we keep asking each other “How has it been a year? Where did the year go?”

(the winter ate it that’s where it went. November through March, right down the frigid esophagus of winter)

This year has been amazing in so many ways.

(mostly in ways that involve discovering the effects of hard water and a dry climate on my hair)

It’s also been difficult in many, many ways.


We are grateful for everything we’ve learned up here.

(like how to respect a real winter. Mad respect, winter)

We’ve fallen in love with our summers at the cabin, a place we couldn’t visit before this year.

(except for the mice. I did not fall in love with the mice/spiders/icky bits of nature in general)

Quesnel is where we got engaged.

(it’s also where I immortalized “shitfuckballs” as a legit response to being proposed to)

It’s been a memorable year.

(I only broke down four or twelve times! Just kidding, it was definitely only five)


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