On Twisting Your Engagement Ring

I did something very bad yesterday.


My ring is ever so slightly loose. I’ve lost a bit of weight over the last few weeks (I call it the “Work So Much You Forget To Eat Diet”) so the ring – which fit perfectly three months ago – now slides back and forth the teeniest bit. It’s not big enough to actually fall off, just enough to make it fun to twist around my finger.

PEOPLE OF THE WORLD: Never, ever, ever ever never, twist your engagement/wedding/promise ring. Or ring of any kind. It will, without a doubt, fall down the crack of your couch at work. Which is exactly what happened to me.

Of course it’s one of those FANCY couches that is hermetically sealed. Of course it’s cushions are cemented to the frame. Of course they used real upholstery  staples. Stupid well made couches trying to eat my rings.

Luckily I work with wonderful people who think nothing up flipping over a couch and tearing the bottom fabric off, allowing me to slide my arm against exposed staple ends to reach my elusive, slipper little sucker of an engagement ring. And then carefully staple the fabric back on the couch while I rock back and forth in the corner, whispering “I’ll never let you go”.

I love you, wonderful work people.



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