The Warmest Winter On Record

So, that isn’t official. I have no idea if this is actually the warmest winter on record. That’s just what people around town keep telling me.

To me, this is the ‘winteriest’ winter I’ve ever experienced. It’s been pretty damn cold. I’ve had to scrape off my car nearly every day since Halloween. I have had snow fall from awnings down my back, slipped on the ice and my eyebrows have frozen to my face (thanks, eyebrow gel). I’ve learned to never trust a wet patch on the road, and that roads getting plowed in a timely manner is a privilege, not a right.

Most people in town (I took a poll of my bosses) agree that we’ve had a normal to high amount of snow this winter. I didn’t realize exactly how much snow we have had until Colin and I walked by the train yard, where they truck the snow after it’s been plowed. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life. Piles and piles of compact snow and ice and gravel at least 10 feet tall, as far as the eye can see. It’s currently starting to melt into a nasty looking pile of snirt.

Snow + dirt = snirt. Thanks for that gem, Dad.

I’m told that in February, the town usually floods the park into an ice rink. So far, the average temperature has been 2 degrees. Today, we hit 5 degrees. And let me tell you, after -20, +5 feels tropical. I was so excited about the weather that I unpacked my ballet flats, only to slip and slide around on ice patches the entire day. I wore a CHIFFON CARDIGAN.

Colin keeps telling me that February is fickle and we might get more snow before the month is out. To which I say, “Pshaw, I already wore a chiffon cardigan. It’s SPRING!” And then I put on a scarf because 5 degrees is really not warm enough for that.


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