Fat Tuesday

You guys, I’m Catholic.

That must be why I feel guilty about not participating in Lent all these years.

Or maybe it’s because every year I get jealous of all the people celebrating Fat Tuesday. Beignets: LET ME LOVE YOU.

So this year, I’m going for it. In order to participate in Fat Tuesday I have to give something up for Lent, though. And then not eat meat on Fridays I think? I’m sorry, I’m not quite Catholic enough to know these things.

Choosing what to give up is hard. I don’t want to give up something that isn’t a big deal. Because I just know my grandma would find out, and she is for sure Catholic enough to let me know I’m doing it ALL WRONG. So no giving up tofu then? Alright.

I’m giving up sugar in nearly all its forms. I drink tea like a fish so I’m allowing myself honey in my tea, but that’s it. No cookies, no chocolate (crap I need to eat that bar I bought today like right now), no pop, no juice, no doughnuts, no syrup, no frosting from a can, nothing.

I’m going to last like a day. But I’m going to shoot for the full forty! Colin and I will be home for Easter weekend and I am going to hit that celebration SO HARD. Mom, start loading up that Easter basket because I will be demolishing it.

Is it un-Catholic to be already planning your Easter feast before Lent starts? I’ll ask Grandma.



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