Mawwage Is What Bwings Us Togefah Today

On December 8th, Colin asked me to marry him. I said no.

Just kidding! I said yes.

We are excited to not plan anything and eventually elope.

Just kidding! Maybe.


I met Colin in 2005. In some capacity, I think I knew even then that he was the one for me. That kind of thinking – be it subconscious or not – is awfully terrifying coming from a sixteen year old girl. Which is probably why I scared Colin off to the point where he didn’t talk to me for over a year.

When Colin and I started dating on New Years Day in 2007, there was no looking back for me. I was done. Signed, sealed, delivered.  Colin took some convincing. Six years of convincing, to be exact.

Over the last six years, I have regularly, shamelessly poked at Colin by asking him to marry me. He made breakfast: “Let’s get hitched”. Bought me noise cancelling headphones for a flight: “Marry me right now”. Washed every dish: “Be my fee-awn-say”. Put up with my post-move emotional breakdowns: “Me wife, you husband”. He would always respond with one of the following: “soon”, ‘someday”, “maybe”, or “possibly”. That was some CIA evasion, I tell you.

Even though Colin and I are as married as married gets in our daily life, I was still shocked when he proposed. I had no idea, none at all. I am grateful that he did not propose in public, in front of my family or even have the proposal documented on video or film because my reaction was to swear like a trucker. Someday, I will have to invent a story to tell respectable company when they ask how he proposed, because saying “ShitFuckBalls” just will not do.

Sorry, Mom.

Colin and I aren’t planning anything at the moment, and probably won’t for a while. I’m looking forward to taking my time planning a wedding whenever we get around to it.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your congratulations and your messages. The amount of love that’s been sent our way is overwhelming and amazing. We love all of you right back.


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