A New Habit

There is something very important I have learned in my job. I have learned to write everything down. Every reminder, every thought, every question. Even if it’s stupid, even if I know I’ll remember it, I write it down. On my phone, on my hand, in an email, or if I’m prepared, on a notepad.

Tonight, I sent myself an email. I think it adequately shows the level of stress an event coordinator is experiencing three days before a Santa Parade. Here goes:

Call that guy about that thing.

I mean call that guy about giving away Indian tea at the Santa Parade.(?)

Empty your damn car out. Pick up the damn signs. Pick up those damn sand bags on friday.
Call the fire department to make sure you can set those fireworks off the roof of that building. Very Important.
Finish the parade lineup. Try to remember to include everyone, even the ones who will surprise you five minutes before the parade starts.
Pick up two more glue guns and another stapler. Never enough glue guns.
Call City Works about those Christmas flags that were supposed to go up two weeks ago. Sweet talk them into hanging your Christmas lights?
Pick up whatever alcohol is acceptable to drink at parades. Baileys? Yes.
Moral of the story? Make lists. Don’t turn out like Alex.
PS Please pray for snow in Quesnel on Friday and Saturday. I only need one inch in order to be able to set fireworks off the top of a building (who knew?). If I don’t have that one inch, I need to shovel many, many buckets of sand in order to set them off safely. So yeah, please give me a little send up to the Big Guy. Thanks.