Winter Food

First of all, let me say: KALE.

Get on the kale train. I know you think it’s gross and weird and overly green. I did too. And then I ate it. And now I buy two bunches a week. And winter is like, kale season so jump on board kids. Eat your kale. And not just kale chips. Those are just ok. I’m saying you should saute some sweet potatoes, bacon, corn and kale together and eat it for breakfast, because it will change. your. life.

Now that I’ve wrapped up this Kale Public Service Announcement, here is what I’m super excited to cook this winter:

Potato Knish from Smitten Kitchen


Goat Cheese Pasta with Spinach and Mushrooms from Two Peas and Their Pod


Baked Polenta Pie from Two Peas and Their Pod


Sweet Potato Kale Pizza from Two Peas and Their Pod


Peppermint Meringues from Joy the Baker


Coconut Hot Chocolate from How Sweet Eats


And these are just the ones from the INTERNET! I recently bought Thomas Keller’s ‘Bouchon Bakery’ book, and it is stunning. It has changed the way I think about baking. If you’re interested (which you should be) you can find it here. I can’t say enough about this book, it’s wonderful. And gigantic. It takes up half my counter when it’s open.

Happy winterizing, y’all!



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