It’s ok for us to talk about it now, right? We’re in the clear? Good. I was fielding angry phone calls all week because the city decided to put up our Christmas lights on the street before Remembrance Day. I spent the entire week in a constant state of “I know…. I agree…. I’m sorry….” but now I AM FREE!

I spent the weekend getting Christmas presents ready because I am annoying like that. But it’s necessary, this year Christmas technically starts on December 15th, when I leave Quesnel to go home, then to Ohio. The Kostenko clan is gathering in Coshocton for the first time in many, many years. We all tend to go at different times, and are rarely there as a group. So it will be …. interesting… to have all of us there for Christmas.

Even more fun though, my oldest sister Tarah is having a baby! First baby of the family, first grandchild, and if the amount of gifts that child already has stockpiled is any indication, the first coming of Christ. Technically, Tarah is bringing the ultimate Christmas present. Aaaaand….

It’s a boy!

This will be one of the rare boys in the Kostenko/Fisher clan. We are mostly girls in this family, so a boy is extra exciting for us. He’s going to be one spoiled little nugget. I personally just can’t wait to see Tarah go into labour. The baby’s just like a side present. LOVE YOU SIS!

But back to Christmas. This will be our last Christmas being just the five of us. After the baby comes, our Christmas’s will be different – different in a good way, but different. We are now growing and including new families. My sisters and I are getting to the ages of marriage and babies, so this will be like one last party before LIFE happens.

I feel like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.


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