Hung. Over.

So, I went out last night with a few girls from my office. We went to a ‘ladies only’ fashion show at the Cariboo Hotel. Clearly I had been deprived of female company because I was so excited that I downed three rum and Cokes and a glass of champagne LIKE A BOSS.

I no longer feel like a boss.

I was fully sober before I went to bed. I got home at 9pm, just so you have the full picture of how hard this town parties. The drinks were not the strongest I’ve had. Hell, I’m half Irish, half Ukrainian. My blood is mostly grain alcohol.

But here I am, in sweatpants on the couch with two Tylenol, cranberry ginger ale and a sleeve of crackers, watching Grease. Fail proof hangover cure. Especially when you get to sing along with Rizzo for “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”. Poetic, no?



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