New York, Part Four

At last. At last we reach the end of the road. I will not lie, I was so ready to come home by day four. I was sick, tired, my feet hurt, and I really wanted to lay on the couch for a two-hour stretch. But I powered through FOR YOU.

Day four was full of appointments. Again, appointments are where we get down to business. The shows are fun and exciting, but they’re really just that – shows. Appointments allowed Natalie and Colleen to really see the dresses up close, see how they moved, and decided what to bring back to Vancouver.

The day started at Monique Lhuillier. They have the most gorgeous showroom and the best coffee I had all weekend. I could have drunk that stuff black. Maybe it was just the delirium and lack of sleep catching up, but I still dream about that coffee.

My kind of homework.

This dress is called ‘Creme Brulee’ and I think it was meant for me. Mostly because it’s named after a delicious dessert. But also because it’s colour is called ‘honey’.

Lace was all over everyone’s arms and shoulders this season.



This dress drives me insane, and not in a good way. From the hips up, this dress is STUNNING. Gorgeous. Love it. However, that tail and gathering around the bum is so incredibly unflattering on every person alive except this model.


Super in at Monique Lhuillier: slits. She’s featured them in different ways for years, but these center slits were on several dresses this season. I like that they can be closed, because not everyone (ME!) wants to show their inner thigh. Ever. Never ever.


So pretty! Very wearable and soft.

My favourite thing about Monique Lhuillier this season was the lack of crinoline. Crinoline is a stiff fabric used to give volume to skirts. Most dresses, be they trumpet, mermaid or ball gowns, have a bit of crinoline to help define the shape and give fullness. This stiffness, while functional, can be itchy, cumbersome and hot. This season, Monique Lhuillier got rid of crinoline altogether, even on the ball gowns. The fullness comes from extra layers of silk tulle or from detachable overskirts.

Don’t say I don’t teach you anything.

Next, we made our way to Jenny Packham. This was my favourite appointment. Jenny Packham dresses are so detailed, it’s impossible to fully appreciate how amazing they are at a runway show.

Hello, gorgeous.




…..and back. Sparkly sleeves get me every time.

Who needs jewelry, right?

Loved these fluttery sleeves.

So, this is the dress of my dreams. It’s the most amazing dress of the season. People gasped when they saw it.

I mean, whaaaat? Shut up, Jenny Packham. Just shut up. This is the greatest dress ever made and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Of course, this dress isn’t going into production. Because Alex’s dreams needed crushing.

Next up: Elizabeth Fillmore. This is a relatively new line to Bisou. Her gowns are inspired by art deco, so it’s quite a bit of silk sheaths, AKA Dresses Alex Can’t Wear Because She Likes Cheese Too Much.


Hip bones. This model has them.

The back is so, so pretty.

I looooove this dress. It’s the perfect garden wedding dress.

People went crazy for this dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off her clavicle.

But again, that back. To die for.

Elizabeth Fillmore also features some really ethereal designs. I find that her silk gowns are very art deco, while her lace gowns are much more dreamy. It’s a really interesting dichotomy in her collections. You get this contrast of edgy art deco and soft, pretty lace gowns.

Note for next time: take more pictures of the fronts…..

Last appointment: Oscar de la Renta!

Colleen and Natalie at Oscar headquarters!

If Jackie O were still around, this would be so up her alley.

More lace sleeves….

More pretty backs….

This is very pretty. I like the popped up lace flowers.

Traditional A-line lace gown, a staple at Oscar

BOOM. Ruffles.

And lace sleeves.

I love this silhouette. This is fairly similar to a gown at Marchesa, and I think the two gowns are going to be huge from both brands. It’s a wearable silhouette, traditional, but different.

Gah. Ruffles.


Day four was bridal overload. By the time we left Oscar, I needed so much wine. SO MUCH WINE.

This final post from New York: brought to you by WINE.





















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