New York, Part Three

Sunday in New York was The Most Exhausting Day. But it was also my favourite day, hands down. I mean, starting your day with a Jenny Packham show is kind of guaranteed good day.

Jenny Packham freaking DELIVERED. By far, this was my favourite collection from Bridal Market. It was the only collection that was different. I love an illusion neckline/lace sleeves/floral applique as much as anyone else, but sometimes you just get so damn tired of traditional. You get exhausted looking at pretty. And right now, everything is just. too. pretty. Jenny Packham was like  finally hitting a Florence and The Machine song after hours of listening to Celine Dion. REFRESHING.

Can you tell how much I loved it? I actually had a terrible time getting pictures because of where I was seated in relation to the runway lighting, so bear with me as we look at a few “White Blurs…Maybe a Ghost?” pictures again.


The paparazzi. It was really cool to see the people who take the photos that I ogle. It’s also cool to see how many people can fit at the end of a runway. Like human jenga, with more expensive equipment.


BLURRY. UGH. This dress (which you will see more of in my next post) is the most amazing dress I have ever seen. It’s so intricate that Jenny Packham won’t even put it in production. It’s also incredibly expensive and I WANTS IT, MY PRECIOUS.


I was incapable of taking a photo of the front of any dress. It was impossible.



After the show (which was at the St. Regis – amazing) we went to the Piers, which is like the trade show portion of Bridal Market. This is where you’ll find a lot of accessory designers : veils, jewelry, headpieces, etc. SPARKLES ERRYWHERE. I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures because we literally popped in, popped out of our vendors’ booths in order to stay on time to see….


Yes. I was at the Marchesa headquarters. Where dreams are made. Where Blake Lively’s dress was created. It was practically religious in there.


Hallowed halls, my friends.


A wall of clutches that cost more than everything I own.

As you can see, my ‘Study In Backs’ continued at Marchesa. I love the sleeves and the flow of the skirt.


I adore this. Lace sleeves were everywhere this season. There were the best sleeves, by far.


BAM. I would get married in this. Simple, classic, and beautiful.


And the back. Acres upon acres of fabric. Love.


This dress was so lovely. Very princess-y. The beading on the bodice needs to be in a museum.


So soft and lovely and gorgeous. This was one of my favourite ball gowns of Bridal Market. It’s crazy wearable and timeless.


THIS DRESS. Bisou has already had people call in about this dress. However, this gown will not be put into production. It’s a showpiece. It’s amazing. If it could, it would retail for over $40,000. Not even joking.

Next post? Up close appointments at Monique Lhuillier, Elizabeth Fillmore, Jenny Packham and Oscar de la Renta!



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