Christmas Cookies

You know you’re an adult when you start baking your own Christmas cookies.

Technically I could probably get away with not baking anything at all this year. After all, we don’t really have a ton of friends here. And it’s not like I don’t have enough to do over the next month: Moonlight Madness, Santa Parade, Window Decorating Contest, flying home to Vancouver, flying to Ohio….yeah, it’s gonna be busy. And yet, I must bake. However, I’m going to steer clear of my mom’s Christmas cookies, because I want to gorge myself on them in Ohio, and I just don’t have the counter space (or tools) to make spritz cookies or cream cheese cookies.

I figure I’ll give away cookies to my multitude of bosses (I have eight), Colin’s co-workers and a few other people in my office building. I have visions of me in the kitchen at 2am, like my mom always was, cutting and folding cream cheese cookies until I have a raging case of carpel tunnel.

On that note, here’s what I’ll be injuring myself with baking this year!

Stamped Sugar Cookies. This is the basic recipe I use, but I don’t do the frosting. Instead, I use a stamp to press a design into the cookie before it bakes. Because the dough doesn’t have any leaveners like baking soda, it doesn’t rise, so the design stays in the cookie after it’s been baked and cooled.

Amaretti Cookies. These are my all time favourite cookies. They’re good fresh out of the oven, but they’re way better the next day. Plus, they’re gluten free!

Alfajores. These are Peruvian cookies but they’re more like Get In Mah Belly Cookies. Sugar cookies with dulce de leche sandwiched in between. Insane.

Homemade Marshmallows. This is the basic recipe I use, and I switch the flavourings up a lot. Peppermint marshmallows are always a favourite, but I made really amazing Holiday Spice marshmallows last year with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove stirred in at the last minute. They’re really easy to make, I promise. Just… get a candy¬†thermometer¬†and don’t spill hot sugar on yourself, ok?

I also bought really adorable aluminum baking cups in the shape of Christmas trees, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with those… fudge? Scones? Fruitcake? Hahahaha just kidding fruitcake is gross.