The Weekend of Worry

I’m terrified. Officially scared. It has snowed for three days without stopping. They cancelled school today. They never cancel school here. Not that I care, because hello, no school no mo, but if there is one indicator of extreme weather in Quesnel, it’s the schools closing.

The earthquake this weekend did not help my state of mind. Oh yes, we felt it. For a full minutes, our apartment swayed like Alex after a few glasses of wine. I was all “Go home apartment, you’re drunk” until I got incredibly dizzy and, in a fit of deja vu, remembered feeling the exact same way during the earthquake of 1999. We immediately called Colin’s family who live in Tofino to check on them. And then I spent the next three hours in a state of Twitter inspired terror. If there is a national emergency going on, DO NOT SEARCH IT ON TWITTER. Because other people will tweet their own panic attacks, only contributing to yours.

Luckily, everyone was absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about at all.

Except for Hurricane Sandy.

Right now, half of my family (including my mom) is in eastern Ohio. While they are a good ways from the coastal areas of the eastern seaboard, they are within storm warning areas. ENTER TERRIFIED ALEX.

On the logical side of my brain, I know they are going to be fine. They may get some wind, some rain. Nothing they haven’t seen before. If they lose power, it will likely only be for a day at most. Compared to what people in coastal regions are facing, our little town of Coshocton is snug as a bug in a rug.

And yet, on the side of my brain that speaks the loudest, I am terrified. I won’t even tell you the imaginative scenarios I have thought up, all of which end in some kind of Day After Tomorrow apocalypse. While I do not work today, I might go in just so I can escape my own brain.

So, wherever you all are today, please stay safe. Because even though you might not be under a blanket of snow like me or in a hurricane’s path like my mom, I’m still worried about you. And I got enough to worry about as it is!


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