New York Part One

I still get tired just thinking about New York. I was legitimately excited to be back in Quesnel, if only for the mental break. New York was just, exhausting.

Despite my dearest hopes, neither Natalie or I slept on our redeye from Vancouver to New York. We arrived at JFK, indeed quite red around the eyes, and cranky. And yet, they still make you go through customs. Oh, customs, how I hate you. There’s really nothing like having industrial fans blowing at you while you wait in line for nearly an hour, then having someone eye you up as though the Taliban may have finally figured out that the key to destroying America is infiltrating its ranks through WHITE CANADIAN WOMEN. No sir, I did not bring any drugs to your country, but if you have any, I would dearly love some.

Then we hopped into what I like to call The Taxi Ride From Hell. Taxis, from what I understand, are by nature kind of hellish. And yet, after a weekend in New York, our first ride from JFK to The Sofitel in Manhattan was hands down the worst taxi ride I have ever been on. If you are someone who gets carsick, imagine every variable that could possibly make you carsick: stop and start traffic, humidity, weird unidentifiable smells, and car horns. Natalie almost needed to be sedated after our hour long car ride into the city.

Aaaaand then we couldn’t check in. So we dragged ourselves a few doors down to a diner. On the very bleary walk, I spotted Peter Dinklage! He was poking his head out of a movie trailer. And it was amazing. After breakfast (which is very hard to deal with when you haven’t slept in 24 hours) we went shopping (again, hard, no sleep, etc). On our way back to the hotel – like, right outside our hotel doors – was Mila Kunis! And let me tell you, she looks alike a normal human being. Normal! Like, she probably gets bloated and wears sweatpants on the regular. I liked her instantly.

By the time we got checked into our room, it was about 11:00am. And then, they slept. Unsolicited Bed Review: The Sofitel beds are made of angel wings and whatever they create heaven out of. Maybe that was just the sleep deprivation, but that was without a doubt the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.

We slept a few hours, then went to the Marchesa fashion show, where I cried a little bit on the inside because I just couldn’t believe that I was at an honest-to-goodness Marchesa fashion show. Sitting behind Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings, being bumped by Mark Ingram and drinking Dom Perignon. Here’s a few highlights:

Darcy Miller, front and center

Mark Ingram, owner of Mark Ingram Atelier in NYC

After the Marchesa show, we walked down the street to the JLM Couture 25th anniversary party. I went to a party also attended by the entire cast of Say Yes to the Dress and Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. Crazy.

And that was only day one.

Day Two coming up soon, featuring Monique Lhuillier!


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