New York, Part Two

Since I have nothing better to do than count snowflakes and drink hot apple cider, I should probably continue this New York Saga. If anything, it will keep me from refreshing the CNN website for Hurricane Sandy updates.

So. Day Two in New York was incredibly exciting, for it was the day of Monique Lhuillier. This was also the day that Mark Ingram tripped behind me and grabbed my shoulders, therefore imparting all of his knowledge and grace upon me. Or something.

The Monique Lhuillier show took place in an industrial warehouse in Chelsea. Natalie and Colleen found their seats while I claimed a standing spot next to the photographers. Unfortunately, a few people had already staked out their spots in front of me, obstructing my view. However, are you aware that people are invited to these things and just don’t show up? Like, important people with front row seats. So, when they don’t show up, show producers grab standing room people to fill the seats. I was asked if I wanted a seat (front row, people!) and I turned it down because I suddenly had the best seat in the house: front and center, next to the photographers, with a totally clear view of the runway.

Here’s a video of the finale of the Monique Lhuillier show:

See? Best seat in the house. I mean, the show lasts all of ten minutes, so sitting is really just so unnecessary. I was a bit concerned that I would have to catch a model, since the floors were slippery and the shoes were spiky.

Day Two was mostly appointments. These are set up to allow buyers to see the dresses up close and ask questions before making their purchases. This is also the best opportunity for pictures. My photos of models walking runways might as well be titled “Large White Blurs – Maybe Ghosts?”.

Here’s a few of my favourite shots from our appointments on Day Two:


Now, I know this dress isn’t for everyone but I LOVE IT. The bodice is like a super beaded and intricate tank top with a tulle princess skirt on the bottom. I die.


I adore this dress. It’s all sleek on the top and the BA-BAM. Giant ruffled skirt.


Gold embroidery. For the total baller in you.


This was one of my favourite pictures from the weekend. Ruffles and lace and more ruffles.


This is Natalie, Colleen and I with Lazaro Perez, the designer of Lazaro Bridal. I would like to throw it out there that the shirt is creating an optical illusion, I am not that gigantic. Thanks, giant green floaty top, for making me look like a tank. A TANK.

Day Two was really fun. I loved the shows, but the appointments were where it’s really at. You get to touch and feel the dresses and speak to the designers and sales staff about what’s selling and what’s not, and what customizations can and can’t be done to dresses. It’s also really amazing to be able to see where the dresses are created. At work, we would just fill out a form and it would be sent to the designer. 6 months later the dress would be delivered, and we would be oblivious to the behind-the-scenes. Now I know, and I have a better appreciation of the huge amount of work that goes into the gowns.