On Being Homesick

Tonight I am a fixture on my couch, live tweeting the Emmys for Bisou Bridal. It just hit me that this is the first time I’ve watched an awards show away from home. It’s a really little thing. But then I started thinking about awards season in general – which stretches all the way to February – and how I’ll be away from home for every single awards show. These are a tradition in my house. Dad would sigh and roll his eyes because we women would claim the television. I would make popcorn, Tarah would bring Lay’s ketchup chips, and Natalie would mooch off both of us. Mom would sit at her computer and regularly chime in with “Wait – who won?”

I know it’s not huge. I mean, it’s not a tradition on par with Christmas or anything, but it’s something I’m missing. It’s those little day to day things that sneak up on you and conk you over the head with homesickness. It’s not being able to force my sisters to sit and watch Downton Abbey with me until they understand its greatness. It’s not being able to ask my mom “Hey, want to go to Winners?”. It’s not knowing when we’re all going to be in the same place at the same time again.

Conk. Homesick.

The impending doom of winter kind of caps it off. I’m terrified of the winter here. I live close enough to work that I won’t have to drive in snow often, but the thought of waking up to three feet of snow outside is keeping me up at night. Also, who wants to drive up here to visit me in the middle of winter? No one. That’s ok, I wouldn’t either. But the thought of not seeing anyone from Thanksgiving until Christmas? Again, terrifying.

Luckily, the Emmys have taught me that there is a plethora of television shows I have been missing, and should be watching. As Jimmy said tonight, I really need to get out less. So here’s to covering up the homesickness with episodes of Girls, Game of Thrones, and Mad Men.


P.S. We got gym memberships. Those of you concerned about our weight can breathe a sigh of relief, and get a life.


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