5 NY Restaurant Menus You Need To Read

I spent last night searching for restaurants to visit while Natalie and I are in New York. Ready to launch yourself into delicious sounding (and expensive) food? Let’s get cooking!

1. Balthazar. Oh my goodness. I’m freaking out about the Sunday brunch menu. And the dessert menu. And every menu. Can I live here?

2. Babbo. This is the most beautiful menu I’ve ever seen. I want to hit that tasting menu SO HARD. And the warm blueberry crostada is killing me.

3. Nobu. It’s an institution for a reason. I’m not a huge raw fish eater, but I would probably eat anything here. Even the sea urchin tempura. I would do it for you.

4. Serendipity. Again, famous for a reason. Skip the food (nothing I’ve read mentions eating anything but dessert here) and go straight to the sweets. The frozen hot chocolate is super famous, but the strawberry fields sunday is calling my name.

5. Colicchio & Sons. Any restaurant with a separate cheese menu is fine by me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been starved for good restaurants since moving to Quesnel, but I’m equally excited for eating in New York as I am for Bridal Market. Beyond the above restaurants, I’m excited to eat a New York bagel, a street cart pretzel and New York pizza.

Aaaand now that we’re done, I’m going to eat nothing but celery for the next month. Celery and water. Like a boss.


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