Things I Am Excited For

First up, I’m excited for the actual reason I’m going to New York: I am First Official Fun Friend to my sister Natalie, who is going on a buying trip. I am taking my duties seriously. I have my bags packed and my jazzy pants ready to sparkle my way through this trip.

On that note, my entire wardrobe is inadequate for New York. You know what my other sister Tarah said? “Just buy new clothes when you get there.” For this, I will eternally love her. Never change Tarah, for I love you to the bone.

I am there to provide hilarious comments, anecdotes and to basically just be cool while my sister does her work. Can this be my real job? I’d be so, so good at it. Official Bridal Market Friend! Like, I could chill with Martha Stewart and just make her laugh! I could fluff veils and hand out bouquets! I could say things like, “Oh my god Oscar’s use of silk charmeuse as a modern interpretation of a mermaid tail-slash-cape was amazing.” AND PEOPLE WOULD GET THAT.

But let’s discuss Marchesa. Oh my sweet jar of nutella I get to see Marchesa. Do you know who Marchesa is? Marchesa made Blake Lively’s wedding dress. Marchesa made this:


I know right? And I get to sit there and appreciate this mastery of bridal wear. Just sit there and enjoy.

And then there’s Jenny Packham. Let’s play two degrees of separation: I am going to be at the Jenny Packham show, in close proximity to Jenny Packham herself, who regularly designs clothes for Kate Middleton. Therefore, Kate Middleton and I should be friends. Forever.

Meet Jenny:

Oh hey there pretty dress. I will see you (and your newest counterparts) soon.

AND THEN THERE’S MONIQUE. I’m so excited that I finally understand what Rachel Zoe means when she says “I died. I literally died.” Because I’m dying over here. Natalie is going to have to sedate or restrain me from being that girl at the show who yells out “Monique I LOVE YOU!” Because I would.


I mean, like, hello. Bonjour my darling. Let’s discuss this unbelievable scoop neck and 3/4 length sleeves and big saucy bow. SAUCY.

I just want to squeeze every ounce of joy and bridal goodness out of this trip that I possibly can. When I asked Colin what he thought of me going, he simply said “Go. It’s once in a lifetime.” And it really is. So I’m going to soak up the beauty and luxury that is New York and Bridal Market before returning to Quesnel and planning the Santa Clause Parade.

I think that saucy bow needs a place on Santa’s suit, no?


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