The Last Weekend

This weekend was our last at the cabin. We may pop in throughout winter to check on things, but this was the official ‘closing up’ of the cabin for winter. We stowed the boats, cleaned out the cupboards, pulled out the dock,¬†and locked the doors. And then we were sad.

We have had such a crazy summer. We never thought we would be up here, living this far from home. It’s been so hard. But it’s also been amazing. Especially the weekends we spent at the cabin.

Except for last night when a mouse ran in front of the couch while I was watching Pretty Woman. Not amazing.

From here on out we’re in winter mode. We’re starting to look at winter tires and winter coats. I guess I should get some gloves, hey?

Next week we’re back home for Thanksgiving, then I’m off to New York while Colin visits Tofino. Once we’re back, I’ll be busy with work straight through until the middle of December. Before you know it, we’ll be opening up the cabin again for spring.

That’s if I haven’t gone mad from snow blindness. That’s a thing, right?