No Boys Allowed Playlist

Tonight’s my last as a temporary bachelorette, let’s get this party STARTED! Shove the boys out the door and celebrate along with me!


Start it off with the slow jams. I’m assuming you, like me, have had a glass of wine and are therefore inebriated enough to really get into this:


What’s up 2002?


This song is my JAM. I wish I could go back to high school and insult an ex-boyfriend by rigging his locker to play this when he opened it. Oh wait, I didn’t have any ex-boyfriends, or boyfriends. Where’s that Taylor Swift song about that nerd wearing the t-shirts? Shoulda rigged my own locker to play that one….


I watch this movie every single time it’s on TV. It’s like a religion. And I sing along at this part, LIKE A BOSS.



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