New Office, Fresh Start

This is my first week in my new office. I spent last week painting walls, moving printers and swearing at my filing cabinet. It was the best kind of therapy.

That’s my baby! It’s the first time I’ve painted anything on my own. I don’t recommend it, and neither does my rear end. Painting is like step class. I never did like step class. I roped Colin into helping me do the second coat, which saved my sanity (and my back). Don’t mind the slight mess and blank walls, I’m going to decorate the pants off this place.

That’s my desk and stuff. I feel like an imposter. I know I’ll grow into it, but I feel like kids do on the first day of high school. Little fish, big pond.

August is pretty quiet around here with everyone on vacation. The quietness and the whole moving of the office has given me a chance to get to know the job a little better. I’m adjusting! Like an adult! High fives for being well adjusted!

On a lighter and less introspective note, what do you think of my paint choices?


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