A Collection of Olympic Greatness

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here, objectifying Olympic bodies, trying to decide what to name the beautiful children I’ll have with     this delightful treat for the eyes:


Why must you be so beautiful yet so dumb!?

Catherine, Duchess of Ping Pong

He wins, then body slams his coach. The best.

Ladies, the British swim team for your viewing pleasure.

The Independent Olympians!

And again!

No words

My response to the above and below gifs. “It’s … so beautiful”

Oh my

Okay I guess I should include some actual talent in this…

But really this is all I care about.

I can’t stop looking at this

I’m super confused about how I feel about this. Whoa

Well that’s it. I hope you are now able to fully enjoy these Olympics which have brought me so much enjoyment. Also, big ups to CTV for replaying every men’s swimming event multiple times, and Colin for taking my blatant delight in other men’s bodies in stride.

Photos from Jezebel’s amazing Olympic gif party


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