GIFs From Around The Web

One of my favourite websites has an open thread every weekend, and someone generally starts a gif party because why the hell not.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favourites….

When asked what I need for my new office:

“Live Every Day like You’re Tina Fey”

How I danced around my office when it became mine:

How I answer my office phone:



When I see someone in Quesnel wearing Ed Hardy:

When my mom ate the last Reese’s peanut butter cup:

When my mom did all of my laundry:

Everyone’s reaction when I tried to embrace the neon trend:

When my mom told me I’m no good at keeping house:

Every day:

Why I love Scott Disick:

My reaction to morning meetings:

Throughout morning meetings:

All of these are from your new favourite website.


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