I’m Back!

Yeah, I took a break. I had nothing funny or interesting or happy to say because I was upset, cranky and generally no fun to be around. You were better off without me, I promise.

Colin was away with work, so Mom came up and spent the week with me. In the five days she spent in my apartment, my mom”

1. Did all of my laundry.

2. Installed a darkening curtain in my bedroom.

3. Organized my closet.

4. Fixed my sagging couch cushions.

5. Put together my new lamps.

6. Reorganized my kitchen cabinets.

7. Cleaned my bathroom.

8. Discovered that my vacuum is actually only for hardwood (Thanks mom!)

9. Made me my favourite food to put in my freezer.

10. Accompanied me on several shopping trips.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I think she was kind of stunned by the state of my apartment, which had not yet recovered from the neglect during Billy Barker Days. It was a mess. Even by my sort of shoddy standards.

The week of and after Billy Barker Days were such write offs. The only energy I had went towards my two jobs, and even there I felt like I was giving less than 100%. Super useless and drained and whatnot. It’s all starting to even out now, and having mom up here to hang out with helped. It also helped to put some things in perspective:

a. My job, while extremely important, should not rule my life to the point of making me miserable.

b. Just because I’m not perfect at my job right now does not mean I never will be.

c. No matter what’s going on in my life, no matter how crappy or annoying, I will always have an awesome family to fall back on.

d. Everything can be fixed by spending a few hours on this website.

So there ends my public service announcement. I missed writing blogs that didn’t include the words “lace” or “stunning” or “gorgeous”. Sometimes you just want to say SHITBALLS and have no one give you the old bridal side-eye.



Michael Buble, let’s be friends.


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