Yoga Pants and The Board of Directors

So today I had my first big meeting at work. Of course it was the ONE DAY that I wore YOGA PANTS to work because we were out on the streets taping off spots for the Gold Dust Mall (explain later) and generally being sweaty.


Granted, none of us had any idea that this meeting was going to happen. But still. Yoga pants. I keep walking around saying “yoga pants!” with different inflections, hoping that it becomes less horrifying.

God, at least they were clean.

I can;t even describe to you the level of crap that I resembled today. Yoga pants, as stated. Random v-neck t-shirt that looks like you could buy it at Mark’s Work Wearhouse. SPORTS BRA. I realize that might be going too far, telling you what was literally supporting me throughout the day, but it makes an alarmingly big difference to the overall look.

“Sports bra!” Say it with me. Cleansing.

Hear in a ponytail. Sunscreen coated like the freaking apocalypse was coming in the form of a thousand fiery suns. Little to no makeup. I had already been out in the streets for an hour plotting out Gold Dust Mall spots, so I had thoroughly sweated through any ‘good-looking-ness’ that I’d started the day with.

Not the day for a meeting, fo sho. Not a day to officially meet the entire board of directors.

But luckily no one really cared. Except for Mortified Me, Atrocious Alex.

Well, they’re going to have to get used to seeing me in yoga pants. Until I acclimate to the ridiculous heat here, and until my job description stops including climbing up ladders, I will be wearing some crazy casual and borderline horrendous gear. Judge me as you will.

The Gold Dust Mall, part of the overall Billy Barker Days, starts on Thursday. It is going to be an intense couple of days, considering next summer it will be mine to run alone. I’m hoping I can just get through without burning the place down. I’ll be all up in the Gold Dust Mall with pictures, so you can finally answer the question “But what does she DO all day?”

She takes pictures. And eats doughnuts (no joke, twice in one week, whoa).


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