Step One

So, remember that post from a month ago where I said I wanted to get in better shape because of Paris? Today, in true procrastinator form, I finally began legit working towards that goal.

Um, whoa. I am in terrible shape.

I walked for the first 15 minutes to warm myself up physically and mentally. Because once I started running, there was no going back to walking without huge amounts of guilt. Most people would tell me to just keep working out and avoid the guilt, WHICH IS THE PLAN NOW. But taking that step from being a casual healthy person to a full-time healthy person is something I just can’t turn back on anymore. So as I was walking, I was debating whether I could continue to walk and keep being a casual healthy person, or start running and leap across the bound to being a committed healthy person.

Since high school (here comes the freshman 15 story) I’ve pretty much stopped moving. It’s been a slow transition to not moving, and with regular intervals of inspiration causing me to get a trainer, but I’ve never fully committed to any workout plan because I am so incredibly lazy and my excuses are both valid and entertaining.

“Can’t go for a run or walk, it’s too hot.”

“Can’t go for a run or walk, it’s raining.”

“Can’t do crap all, it’s snowing.” (I have big plans for this one come winter)

“Can’t go for a run or walk, I need my beauty sleep. Of course, I’d probably be a little more beautiful if I went for a run, but let’s not chance that.”

“Can’t go for a run or walk, someone might see my offensive jiggling. Much better to protect them from that and stay inside.”

“Can’t do yoga, I’m not bendy enough. Plus, all that ‘put your hand on your solarplexus’ stuff just makes me laugh. Not very zen at all. What’s a solarplexus?”

“Can’t do P90X, that man yelling frightens me, and those people are freakishly flexible, I do not like it.”

Most importantly: “Can’t go for a run, I hate running with a burning, fiery passion.”

See? Full of them. Really good bad but funny excuses. My only half decent excuse is that I do have a strange injury from basketball which causes my calves to tighten up so badly that they cut off the circulation to my feet, making them go numb.

Numb feet do not make for good running buddies. They actually make me run like I belong to a geriatric running club (which I should probably join). But, with good stretching and actually, well, running more, I’m hoping that I can get that under control.

So back to this morning! 15 minutes in at an ungodly hour of the morning (less likely to offend anyone with my offensive jiggling) I started running. Yay!

Ok, so my run only lasted another 15 minutes. Because as noted above, I am in terrible shape. Not that I’ve ever been much of a runner – I have hated it with a burning, fiery passion for as long as I can remember. And to be entirely honest, I don’t see running being the workout that I stick with for the rest of my life. I’m much more of a boxing/weights/watching someone else run kind of person.

But until I sort that out, if you’re in Quesnel and see a girl who runs like her feet may have fallen asleep, that’s me!


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