A Night With Pinterest

Sometimes you just need to peruse the ‘Humor’ category on Pinterest. It isn’t always great, but tonight it was tops. Please enjoy my procrastination.



Doesn’t this take you back? Ugghghhhghg I miss The Hills so much. Justin Bobby’s greasy ponytail? Lauren’s bland stare? Lo’s perfect eye rolls? The grand flaming train wreck that was (god, still is I guess) Speidi? TV at it’s best.






I’m sorry I made this picture so big but i just couldn’t…not… I’m sorry, this is going to haunt my dreams too. We’re all in this together! We’re all in this together…
When we reach…
We can fly…
Know inside…
We can make it…

NAME THAT SONG. Emily don’t let me down!!



New shower song? I think so.



Every day, am I right?





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