First Day

So….I’m pooped. And I only worked five hours. Then again, I did read through nearly two years worth of minutes from various meetings. Two years worth of information in my brain. Two years of motions and seconding.

I also designed posters. I’m creative AND I read fast!

It was kind of nice to wake up today with some sense of purpose rather than rolling from the bed to the couch with nothing bigger planned than a Lord of the Rings marathon. The importance of Lord of the Rings marathons cannot to be understated (someone needs to appreciate blonde Orlando Bloom, am I right?) but still. Working felt really good.

I was temporarily stumped by the realization that small towns = antiquated computers. I glared at my computer for a while, which made it freeze, which made me lose an hour’s worth of poster goodness, which made me angry. Luckily, the lovely woman training me sympathized. We talked about our computer hate off and on for most of the day. Did you know that the common hatred of inanimate objects is one of the biggest office ice breakers? Complain about the coffee maker, printer, fax machine or ficus tree next time you’re in the office and you will make lots of new friends.

Right now we’re gearing up for the 39th annual Billy Barker Days, which is the town’s biggest event of the year. Did you notice that I said 39th? Yeah, that means next year (when I’m entirely on my own in planning this shindig) will be the 40th annual Billy Barker Days.

I’m hiring can-can girls. They can’t stop me.

(Can they?)



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