Once More, With Feeling

I’ve written a grand total of five blogs today and trashed them all.

I wrote one about surviving Billy Barker Days.

I wrote one about being frustrated with my job.

I wrote one about loving my job.

I wrote one about my new favourite show, Final Witness.

I wrote one about how messy my apartment is.


I have lost the funny for the moment. The funny….it is gone. It’ll be back, I’m sure. If I can still see the humour in Colin stating that our relationship feels like its been going on FOREVER, I’m going to be ok.

“You have to learn to laugh in a relationship. If you don’t, you’ll probably kill them with a hammer.” – Some smart old lady who didn’t kill her husband and probably laughed a lot.

If you watched tonight’s episode of Final Witness, you’ll agree with that statement. It applies to everything! Even your job! Put down the hammer, Alex!

This weekend we are going to the cabin. I am going to eat various meats, breads and vegetables dipped in a pot of melty cheese. Then I’m going to tie a floatation device to the dock and pretend I’m Kate Middleton on a catamaran in the Maldives.

Except I’ll look more like a manatee in an inner tube at Lac la Hache.

I bet Kate Middleton doesn’t eat things dipped in melty cheese though.

Yeah. Cheese.