I’ve learned why it’s sometimes called ‘funemployment’. It’s not all lying around looking at Pinterest. I mean, it is, but there is so much more to having nothing to do. Like watching two seasons of Doc Martin in one day. Like going through every page of What Should We Call Me. Like naps.

It took a while for me to figure out that I could nap. I think it was a guilt thing. I mean, there was Colin slaving away for eight hours a day while I was becoming a decorative figure resembling a lump on the couch with a blanket and a MacBook. It was already bad enough that I was becoming the world’s first human-sloth hybrid, why add to it with unnecessary mid-day sleeping?

BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME THAT’S WHY. Three o’clock was like the worst hour of my life before naps. Too early to think about dinner, nothing on TV, and most of my work for Bisou is usually done early in the morning after Colin goes to work. What to do with the most boring hour of the day? Sleep, my people. Sleep it away.

And if you think my new job is going to interrupt my napping schedule, fear not! I finish at two every afternoon, so yeah, I have a dream job and I can nap. All the benefits of employment with the delights of being a total sloth. Life here, it’s pretty awesome.

P.S. This is the indoor soccer arena. That giant building is for playing indoor soccer. That’s it. There’s also a huge area on the other side of the building with what looks like four soccer fields. I’m sorry for the terrible picture but I took it over my shoulder in a moving car on a gravel road. Impressive, no?



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