Oh my gosh you guys. I got a job.

People like me! They really, really like me!

I was so relieved that I bought this blazer online. In indigo! Don’t ask why!

So, the job. My new title is Office Manager and Event Planner for the Quesnel Downtown Association. But what does that all mean?

It means that I have to answer messages and emails, deal with regular office stuff. It also means that I get to plan the Santa Clause parade! And other events of course, like Canada Day, Billy Barker Days and other things, but most importantly: the Santa Clause parade!

Honestly, I was really nervous about getting this job. Excited and all too, but mostly nervous. This was entirely due to the Santa Clause parade. I dreamed about forgetting to hire a Santa and ruining Christmas for everyone in Quesnel and forever being referred to as ‘that nasty girl who ruined Christmas because she forgot to bring Santa to the parade.’

Then Colin reminded me that, Christmas lover that I am, I would never forget to hire a Santa, In fact, I would probably overcompensate and put Santa in a sequined red suit and have him sing ‘Last Christmas’.

Merry Christmas, indeed.


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