We have yet to go a week without a thunderstorm here. I don’t know if this is normal yet, but since the newspapers aren’t shouting “OMG STORMS GUYS” and I haven’t overheard anyone discussing it at the grocery store, I’m going to assume that these storms are fairly regular.

Yay storms! I love thunderstorms, always have. Ohio has the best thunderstorms that I’ve experienced. They last for hours and actually scare you. Last night the weather report said to expect thunderstorms. I didn’t believe it because yesterday was beautiful and clear and not that hot. The heat is what gives the storms away.

So we went out for a walk to see the river, because I get excited about flooding too. Natural disasters and acts of God, I love them. This was the sky (and the river) at about 4pm:

See? Blue skies, puffy clouds. It was a little windy on the way back, but overall not super stormy weather.

Then this happened.

Hm. Looking slightly more stormy, yes?

But really not all that bad. This weather could go anywhere!

It went here:

That red thing in the left corner is my finger, not some freaky storm by-product. Also, this was only like, 7pm. It should not be this dark yet. If I had been thinking, I would have taken a picture pointing further north, which was clear as a bell.

Yeah. I should probably get off the balcony, hey?

I didn’t I stayed until the lightning was nearly over top of us. Then I hid under the covers.

Hey, if it works for dogs….



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