Weekend Stuff

It’s hot here. Colin didn’t warn me.

It’s okay though, I don’t think he really knew. People were all like, “It’s totally nice! Way more mild than Lytton!”

Of course, no one tells you that Lytton is the hottest place in Canada most summer. EVERYWHERE in Canada is more mild than Lytton.

Given that we’re used to Tofino summer (also known as ‘fall’ in other parts of the world), this heat has sucked the life out of us. This probably was the weekend we should have gone to the cabin, but we hadn’t spent a weekend in Quesnel since I moved up. I needed to make sure that the town didn’t turn into the set of True Blood on the weekends.

It didn’t. Sigh. Joe Manganiello, when will you come visit me?

Okay, quick Joe Manganiello note: My first real hit of homesickness came when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to see Magic Mike with other women. Any other women! Mom, sisters, friends, whatever. Women who can appreciate objectifying mens bodies in film format. Women who will get a little tipsy before we go. Women who will understand that I do not like Matthew McConaughey, but I like him as a male stripper.¬†Instead, I have to drag Colin to see it in exchange for watching Firefly reruns with him.

And so concludes my naked male stripper movie rant.

This weekend I checked out the farmer’s market, which had mini doughnuts. Yay! I cooked a lot, because that’s what I do. I ate half of this. Colin helped a little, but let’s not kid ourselves. I certainly ate 45% of that 50%.

I watched almost every Marvel movie this weekend. I really liked The Avengers, so Colin insisted I watch Iron Man. When I totally loved Iron Man, he made me watch Iron Man II. Then I found out Chris Hemsworth was in Thor, so I had to watch that. I didn’t like Thor so thus concludes the weekend of comic book movies. I’m sure I’ll be returning to my regular programming of My Best Friend’s Wedding once Colin goes back to work tomorrow.


P.S. I blog for Bisou Bridal! Here’s what I was up to this week:

Say Yes to Bisou Bridal and The Wedding Belles

Amanda Vogler Accessory Event

Bisou Styled: Gorgeous Veils


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