Solitary Confinement

So last night was the very first night I spent alone in the apartment. I know right? I totally just got home and he’s already sick of me. Cue the mildly sexist and not really funny housewife jokes.

Or just cue my dad sarcastically saying “You’ll make a great wife someday.” You choose!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the system, last night was sooooo boring. So boring that I watched the NBA finals. So boring that I considered watching Restaurant: Impossible. So boring that I actually watched a short BBC production of Young Victoria. Not the fun one with whatserface from The Devil Wears Prada (Emily Blunt?). Really though, how fun can a movie about young Victoria really be? Crazy creepy uncles, overbearing mother, controlling weird dude-friend of mom, you know.

Oh, you didn’t know? You should totes watch that short documentary. It really gets into the creepy. History is fun!

I couldn’t make myself go outside yesterday. It was a bajillion degrees here. Even at 8am, on my way to my interview I was already sweating. Granted it was probably 50% nervous sweat and 50% actual heat induced sweat. And now you know too much about me…sweating….gross. I’ll stop now.

So I stayed inside the apartment for the entire day. I wrote thank-you cards. I made mini chicken pot pies, which made the apartment hotter than the air outside. I wrote. A lot.

Then my evening got super fun for like half an hour. I made two chocolate chip pancakes. I don’t mean I made a huge batch and only ate two. I mean I actually only made enough batter for two pancakes, which is so LIBERATING. I always feel obligated to eat like twelve pancakes purely because there’s so many leftover. All I wanted was a recipe for two pancakes, for the love of Aunt Jemima!

So I found one. As per usual, Joy the Baker does not disappoint. Of course they’re called Single Lady Pancakes. Because when your boyfriend is outta town, ladies eat breakfast for dinner! For serious though, is Colin the only guy who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner? Because I can’t really comprehend how eating chocolate chip pancakes with coconut syrup for dinner is wrong. I mean, besides the possibility of diabetes and whatnot.

After my joyful consumption of perfectly portioned pancakes (Say it. Say it three times fast. Do it.) I went back to being a lump. A relatively productive lump since you should see my Bisou Bridal in-production folder. We have such exciting wedding things coming to you, starting today!

This ends my cross promotion. Return to your scheduled programming, blah blah blah.

All in all I felt the day was a pretty big bust after 9am. I was so productive yesterday morning, what with the interview and some grocery shopping. It was all downhill from there until I realized….


I love Colin and I missed him very much but as all cohabiting and married people will tell you, sometimes having the bed to yourself is worth kicking the one you love out the door.

Today is supposed to be even hotter, and then I’m told The Great Deluge is coming which will bring the flood waters up. I’ll just be hiding out in here, making ice cream and actually remembering to take pictures so that no one can say “Oh my god Alex what are you doing with your life.” Once I put up the pictures, I can be all like, “See? Baked Apple Sorbet! Don’t tell me my life ain’t THRILLING.”



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