My Goal

Yesterday I wrote about going for walk around town to get myself out of the house. Colin had warned me that the loop was on the long side, but he was going for runs on it, which makes everything feel twice as long. So I put on my Vancouver uniform (LuluLemon head to toe, baseball hat, iPhone and headphones) and prepared to take on the trail.

It turned out to be a full 6 km, which sounds so easy when I say it! Like “oh yeah just ran 6k this morning, whatever, taking it easy you know?”. No. I walked the whole thing, despite nearly being taken down by the freaking Fraser River, which had decided it wanted to claim the trail. When I got home I pretty much collapsed, fell asleep and felt like crap for the rest of the day. Most of that stems from me not drinking enough water while walking in the blazing sun for an hour and a half. But the whole thing just made me mad for the weirdest reason.

When I realized how hideously out of shape I was, being completely broken by a relatively flat 6km walk, all I could think about was vacations. Disneyland. London. Rome. Paris. These are places Colin and I are planning to go in the next few years. Visiting these places and being touristy is going to require a crap ton of walking. And if I’m winded after a walk like that, I’m going to be destroyed on vacations. I don’t want to have to skip the Louvre because I’m too tired from walking the Champs Elysees.

So I set myself a goal. By the end of summer – let’s say the end of September, considering that I’ll probably be buried in snow by October – I will be able to run that 6km loop (hopefully without dying). I am telling you this because I need someone or something to hold me accountable. Judging from what I’ve seen, nothing holds you accountable quite like the internet.

I don’t really know how I’m going to get there, besides working myself from walking to running, so any suggestions/cheers/”you go girl”‘s would be super helpful.

Oh yeah, I bought this skirt in pink. I feel like the ruffles will make me run faster. That’s like science right?


2 thoughts on “My Goal

  1. Hey you!
    My answer: a nice mix of Glee covers and David Guetta. Music that gets you pumped is almost as huge an advocate for your success as the Internet 😉

    • YES. I love that. I noticed that the second I hit a downer song I don’t feel like running anymore. Glee covers for the win Krystyna!

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