How To Make Walking More Fun

So tonight Colin and I went for a walk. It takes a lot of joint commitment for us to get out of the house. It usually goes like this:

Colin: “We could go for a walk.”

Me: “Yeah. If you want.”

Colin: “Well, we don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

Me: “No, if you want to go we’ll go.”

Colin: “I don’t know. I’m kind of tired.”

Me: “Ok, we can stay in.”

Colin: No, we should go. It’ll be good to get outside.”

Me: “Fiiiiiine. Let’s go.”

Colin: “Damn. It’s raining.”

Me: “Aw, I totally wanted to go for a walk!”

Oh yeah, by “joint commitment” I meant “dragging out the door” and by “us” I meant “me”.

But tonight I had no excuse since it has actually been raining for the last week but by some miracle it was sunny tonight, so I went out with Colin. But since he hadn’t been out in a while, Colin decided to go for a run. Showoff. I decided that I would walk, since I had done 15 minutes of yoga earlier in the day and didn’t want to overexert myself or anything. My body is a temple, blah blah blah.

I figured my walk would be pretty boring, since Colin would be showing off, doing sprints and whatnot. Then I remembered I had THIS SONG on my phone, and going for a walk got REAL INTERESTING:

Walking has never been so jazzy. But I have to warn you, if you listen to this song when you’re supposed to be exercise walking, you may end up doing this:

And then it changed to this song, so I started dancing like this:

I stared at this .gif for so long, because the music is so close to being in time with it. Please, if you haven’t, click on the song and just let it ride. You need it.

Yeah, I did the drum solo. Of course, I didn’t think to look around and see if other people were on the trail until AFTER the drum solo/dancing. I gave a nice lady walking her dog a great show. She waved.

For those of you concerned about my state of being, what with the flood warnings and whatnot (oh, you didn’t hear? You weren’t worried? Well then), we’re totally fine. Except that this used to be a dry creek bed:

I wish I had a ‘before’ picture for you, because it was honestly nothing but rock and trees. Those trees look like sad little me when I made the mistake of going to Warped Tour 2006. Swamped.

All in all, it was a great walk. I think incorporating dance moves into my walk made it something like a ‘whole body’ workout, which I hear is good? So, I can eat the rest of the chocolate covered almonds, yes?


P.S. I’ll be in Vancouver for the next week because I’m GRADUATING, BITCHES! Posts may be sporadic and highly under the influence of champagne.


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