Apartment Living

I’m not the first person to live in an apartment. I know right? Crazy. Those of you who do live in apartments might roll your eyes at my naivete, but this whole tiny-box-inside-a-big-box living arrangement is totally new to me. And I love it.

I love it because I am a very nosy person. I like to know what is going on around me. I like to know who you are and what you’re doing. I’m the person who leans out on her deck to see what the cops are doing at the house down the street. In Ohio, I caught myself peeking out my grandma’s lace curtains to do just that. I am the nosy old granny of my apartment building. Therefore, the sound of people walking up and down the hall or their cars coming and going doesn’t annoy me. It just assures me that there are people doing things that might interest me someday soon. And that makes no sense to anyone but me.

I am delighted by the common laundry area. I’m probably delighted because I’ve has exclusive use of it since we got here, because I’m home on Tuesdays at 11am when no one is around to see me fold my knickers. I think it’s awesome that everyone in the building leaves magazines in the laundry room. Right now it’s a pretty eclectic collection of People, US, and a bunch of hunting/fishing/car magazines. I think my contribution of Martha Stewart Weddings is going to be highly appreciated, no?

I love that every handyman who has come to my house to fix my phone or internet or fridge has a key to the building. It freaked me out at first but I think it says something about the town. I asked my Shaw guy about it, and he told me he has a key to every apartment building in town. I mean, there’s only like, twelve, but I just found that stunning. I wouldn’t trust myself with all those keys. I’m nosy, remember? But knowing that these are the kind of people who think nothing of coming right to your door and asking you about your cookbooks is so comforting.

Also, our landlord is the bomb. He left a message the other day to let us know that our doorbell thing was set up, and to “give him a jingle” if we needed anything. Who says that except really awesome people? People who say the word jingle are like rays of sunshine in my life.

The only think I don’t like about my building? I’ve been here for nearly three weeks and I have not seen a single soul.

I’m not kidding. Not a single person. And I’m here all the time! Granted, I’m not sitting on the front steps greeting everyone who walks in, but I am convinced that my apartment building is full of vampires. Which is pretty awesome.

Maybe I’m just on a euphoric high from my caramel macchiato this morning*, but I am so in love with my apartment right now.

*That was my first coffee in nearly a month. I was shaking like a leaf within an hour. We’re not in Vancouver anymore, Toto. 


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