Doc Martin

Colin curated a library of TV series’ to keep me out of trouble while he was at work. He got me Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Firefly, Modern Family, etc. Every show he could think of that I might like, plus….. Firefly.

The only thing I watch is Doc Martin. All the time. I’m totally addicted to this strange British doctor show. And I don’t care if that makes me weird.

Okay, so it’s about this doctor, Doc Martin, who moves to this little seaside community from London. He’s super crotchety and cranky and has some funny issues that make the whole doctoring thing a little difficult. If you’d like a spoiler of those issues, just ring up my mom and ask her what my biggest phobia was as a child. Doc Martin and I are two of a kind. And I’m kind of crotchety and cranky too!

Pus, it’s a doctor show without too much gore. There was this one episode where someone said ‘artery clip’ and I almost threw up. But it’s definitely more in the way of ‘you know what’s going on but we don’t need to show it to you.’ My favourite kind of doctoring!

Here’s some Clips from Season 1 and 2 if you want to check it out. If you like Midsomer Murders, Waking Ned Devine (a totally awesome movie), or just British stuff in general, you should watch it!

P.S. I’ve watched a few more episodes since I wrote this yesterday, and HOLY CRAP IT GETS GORY. Like, hiding behind the pillow, ears covered and humming to block out all sounds gory. Still a really good show, but thought I would give you a heads up because yeah, E.R. ain’t got nothing on this gore!