Outside, I’ve Been There

Yup, I’ve started going outside. By myself. Even in the car!

Is this normal? Is it natural to feel inclined to stay inside when you move to a new place? I mean, Quesnel is certainly no Vancouver in terms of the risk of getting lost, but it’s terrifying. So far I’ve gone out twice, only to the grocery store and back. I’ve got that route down pat now, which makes me feel like a total badass. Anything beyond that and I’m hiding under the covers until Colin comes home and can escort me where I need to go. I  have Google mapped (honest to god here) the entire town in an effort to get more comfortable. I Google map the different routes to Colin’s office and back. It’s two blocks away. You might think I’m crazy, but here’s my logic about my fear of driving in Quesnel:

1. What if I get lost? Yes, the town is small, but what if I somehow get stuck on the highway and can’t get off? And then when I try to get off it, I end up lost on some backroad with potholes the size of apartment buildings? Colin’s answer to this is to phone him, since he works for the ministry of transportation, to which I say balderdash. My phone would totally not have service because that is how life rolls.

2. What if I go down the only one way street in town the wrong way? Yes, I survived driving in Vancouver without incident, but this place is new. I don’t know how these people might react to me driving the wrong way on their streets. They might storm my apartment with pitchforks. You don’t know that they won’t!

3. What if I get pulled over? I don’t speed, but lets be honest here. If someone is going to get pulled over for some silly reason like almost hitting a cop (that never happened, you hear me?) it’s going to be me. And then I will for sure get arrested for like, crying too much because people here are TOUGH COWBOYS and cowgirls don’t cry (There’s a Reba McEntire song for you!). Then Colin would have to bail me out, and I would have a criminal record, and would become the black sheep of the family.

4. What if someone calls me out on being the new kid like they did on that fantastic show Recess? I am sure they’re all just waiting for me to do some totally non-Quesnel thing and then start chanting “New Kid!” at me everywhere I go.

Colin laughs at these reasons. He says I should just go, have fun, not worry. To which I repeat: balderdash. Forget what I said before about you thinking I’m crazy. I know I am.

But enough of that. I did go to Colin’s office to meet his work people and see his office. His work people are SO NICE. I wanted to ask them if they realized they worked for the government and were therefore allowed to be superior and mean, but they wouldn’t let me! Must have been the coffee cake I made last week.

This past weekend we went to the cabin on Lac La Hache (I will post pictures). We were planning on going to Prince George to hit Costco and see a movie, but when I saw the weather report on Friday night I made an executive decision to change our plans. Best decision ever, since the weather was amazing. We have big plans to be there nearly every weekend this summer.

So I’ve been here about a week and a half now. I like it, what little I’ve seen of the town. There’s a fantastic farmer’s market every Saturday, and lots of festivals and events throughout the summer. We won’t talk about the winter until we have to, yes?


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