A New Project

Hola Senoritas!

I just thought I’d announce here for all the world to know that I’m Bisou Bridal’s new blogger! You’ll start seeing the posts soon on their blog, which is where I go when I want to see faboosh dresses. Now you’ll get to see faboosh dresses along with this lady’s sparkling wit.

I promise I won’t ever type the word “swoon”. I promise to write about the prettiest dresses in the world. I promise I will bring you happy, interesting blog posts that you can pin to your secret wedding Pinterest board. We all have them, it’s ok. I promise to show you Vancouver’s most gorgeous brides and their beautiful weddings. I also promise to tell you about the amazing people who work behind the scenes at Bisou Bridal (even if I have to photograph them in secret) because they are some of the hardest working, sweetest people in the business.

So come on over to Bisou every now and again and soak up the pretty!