Things I Need

Oh God. There is so much stuff I need. Or think I need, but just want, or want but don’t need. Especially when I keep thinking that I won’t be driving distance to a Gourmet Warehouse, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or hell, even a Costco. Might as well plop me in the middle of the woods.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening.

So here’s what I need/want/desire/don’t need to get me through:

1. This salt. I love the jar it comes in, I love the actual salt itself. Can’t live without it on my popcorn.

2. All of these. For my own personal consumption. Sorry honey, no sharing. Cherries Are My Life.

3. Clipper Tea. Or as I call it, my life’s blood. I’m addicted to the sleep easy tea, because it actually makes me sleepy. The berry tea makes amazing iced tea, and might as well be dessert. Throw a little gin in that iced tea and I. Am. There.

4. This microplane. I had one last summer and loved it like a child. And then it went missing, and I was a lost soul. I can’t wait for our reunion, it will be glorious. I will zest all the things!

5. This rolling pin. You know what I had to use last summer? An empty wine bottle. Nothing makes you appreciate the design and efficiency of a rolling pin quite like rolling out biscuits with a damned wine bottle.

6. These shoes. Because really, why not?